MARCH 10, 2020

Dear loyal customers,

Our mission is to enable your business to leverage technology without limits. We find ourselves in a very difficult time however. As we all try to make sense of it all, and react to the ever-changing guidelines and directives around us, we must stay calm and work through this together. It’s important to remember that, every storm eventually runs out of rain.

The impacts of COVID-19 on our community and country have been vast. It’s incredibly important to reiterate how critical it is to support one another and that we will get through these challenging times, together. We are here to support you and your business, no matter how hard things may be in the days and months to come. Our commitment to support you has never been stronger. Every one of our employees is willing and able to do what is necessary to provide the support and tools necessary to help you weather this storm. We have an army of the most brilliant engineers, software architects, and leaders, who are committed to making sure you have everything you need to operate effectively.

Clearly, it’s important that we keep you and our employees safe during this time. While there are no known cases of COVID-19 within our organization, we are taking this proactive step to help ensure the safety of your team and ours.

As of March 17th, all Innovative employees will be working remote as we have implemented our Work From Home Policy. During this time, all planned on-site customer visits will be handled remotely, leveraging the plethora remote support technologies available. These tools are being leveraged at no additional charge to you and your organization, and it’s our intent to continue to do so until a change is necessary. We understand that it’s likely, that there will be instances that on-site support is required. We ask you for your patience as we work through each unique situation. Safety is our number one priority.

As we all continue to monitor the situation, we appreciate your understanding and will share additional updates as we have them. In addition to regular communication from us, you can find up-to-date information on how our business is handling this health crisis here within our dedicated resource page. Also, please follow us on social media for additional updates on how our employees and customers are dealing with the reality of this situation.

Of course, if you need anything, please reach out to us directly. I’m available 24x7 and can be reached on my cell at 585.303.0161. Our business was built to serve, and there is no more important time to do so, than times like now.

We’re in this together. Together, we win.✊


Justin Copie | CEO

COVID-19 WFH Program

More and more companies are recommending that staff Work From Home (WFH) while the CDC gets a better understanding and control of COVID-19. Currently, the CDC is recommending that social distancing (employees working from home/remotely) can help slow the spread of COVID-19. We can enable you to have your employees working from home in less than a week without compromising security.